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Steffen's Conifer Nursery has grown conifer trees since 1979.  We have provided Living Christmas Trees and conifer landscaping stock for nurseries and garden centers throughout the Northwest and across the country.

Please click on the "Availability" link above to see a complete list of our trees.  If you click on the name of each tree, you will see a picture of one of our trees in that variety.  If you like what you see or like what we have provided for you in the past, please send us your order and pass our name on to others.

Brisk sales have depleted many of the larger trees.  We are expanding our nursery and planting more in order to provide the trees you want. 

Our Cork Bark Fir, Turkish Fir and Noble Fir sell out quickly.  We are in the process of building up numbers in these varieties.  Both Cork Bark and Turkish Fir seem particularly pest and fungus resistant.

Austrian Pine is available in two variations, sheared and unsheared.  We hope the two variations will satisfy the desires of more of your customers. All of our Scotch Pine and Douglas Fir are sheared.

We welcome your calls if you have any questions.

We hope our trees will be a blessing for your business.

Bill and Joani